Liza Etoile


Liza Etoile is an online magazine so named by the owner and editor in chief Yasmine Julmisse.  Yasmine is a young and free spirit originally from Jamaica Queens, New York. She draws from her education in broadcast journalism at Dean College and Suffolk University in Massachusetts. She has experience in broadcast reporting and writing for NECN Channel 6 and KillerBoomBox magazine. She works with a college providing city youths the opportunity to take college classes for free whilst exposing them to higher demand job fields.

The author caught up with Yasmine recently and when asked why she wanted to start this magazine her reply was to provide a space for informative entertainment featuring light hearted and interesting pieces. Her content is intended to capture the hearts of the 18 – 35 year olds and the young at heart. She further stated that her journalistic background has driven her to showcase her creative side in magazine form. Yasmine says she is motivated by vision, prayer, love of God, people and culture. She hopes that would be a space that people would want to go to when they want to laugh, be moved or inspired. She also hopes that this magazine will be impactful to people who would find new reads on things they have not heard of before and that in turn would cultivate their creative ideas too and help them unplug even when online.

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