On Being A Vendor

C663A72C-9CA4-4665-BEB2-21F9EE9FFD3EI have been an entrepreneur for a number of years. When I started attending events as a vendor for Jewelz on Demand I did not know much about it but I felt that it was a good opportunity to be seen and give my brand some visibility. Unfortunatley I jumped in without doing my research about how to get the most out of these events. As a result I made some bad choices and ended up paying fees but not making my money back at these events. I do not regret that I was a vendor at some of these events but there is a better way to go about making sure that you have the best shot at making your money back and then some. Some pointers to remember are:

ADVERTISING: When contemplating being a vendor at an event it is wise to ask the organizer of the event a few questions about how they are going to help promote your brand for the event. Often nothing is done to promote your brand.

You may want to ask if there will be any printed material displaying your brand information that will be distribnuted at the event?Does the organizer have a website and can your brand be dispalyed on the website in regards to the upcoming event?                                                                                          You may also want to know if there will be a media promotion about the event on the radio and on social media. If there will be, find out if your brand can be  mentioned too as a vendor at the event.                                   Ask the organizer if they will be promoting your brand during the event and if they are going to alot time for people to browse and shop from the vendors

LOCATION: Location is super important to your vendor success.  Make sure to find out where the event will be held. Is it a place easily accessed? Is there parking at the venue? You want to make sure that there will be foot traffic and the event is well attended.

OTHER INFORMATION:Also important to find out is if this event is a new event or if it has been in existence for some years. If this is a new event, you want to consider if you want to take that chance to be a vendor. It may be a well attended event depending on who is affiliated with it or promoting it.                                                                                             Ask about attendance i.e tipically how many people normally attend this event. Hopefully the organizers will be honest about the numbers.  

Also very importantly check the kind of event it is. This will help you with your expectations of buying costomers. For example once I was invited to be a vendor at an event that was actully a formal dress party/ball. This was the worst event because people came to party all dressed up. They were not interested in buying necklaces.

My advise to you is, do your homework really well to avoid wasting time and money.

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