When I think of sisterhood I think of women supporting each other. I mean really support each other. For too long we have given lip service but do we really support each other? An aspiring entrepreneur told me once that you cannot ask another business person for advise. If you do ask, you would be told that you have to ‘work hard’. Seriously! What does that mean. Sure you have to work hard but what can one do to avoid costly mistakes. How about pointing a sister in the right direction? Don’t get me wrong there is value in investing in yourself and your business but some free helpful advise can go a long way.

This page was not started by chance. I am excited to launch this page because it is the first step to realising a vision to build a network of Christian women entrepreneurs and minority’s women entrepreneurs that really support each other and help to advance each other’s business endeavors.

So this is the big question. How can we best support each other? I can think of a few ways but so can you. One of the ways I plan to do this is by posting registered Christian and minority women’ business on this website. They can be found on ‘Women Entrepreneurs’ page.

“When you get give. When you learn teach”

Maya Angelou

I would suggest that you sign up to our facebook page @Releasing the Entrepreneur. This is space where information is shared freely.

You also have an opportunity to make suggestions about other ways to biuld this network. I look forward to hearing all your suggestion. Go to the contact page on this website and send us a message.

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